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  • Term Paper Topics

It is the responsibility of each student to select a term paper topic early in the term. The following is a list of sample term paper topics. You should be certain of your interest in the topic you select, as well as the availability of materials, before you commit yourself to a particular topic. Do not procrastinate. Toward the end of the term, there will be a substantial demand on library resources, and materials may become difficult to find. With this in mind, strive to be considerate of your classmates, keeping library materials for only as long as necessary and refraining from removing materials from magazines or books. Your topic must be controversial, current, and related to computers.

Sample topics:

  • Are computer-mediated forms of communication allowing faster, better communication between humans, or are they the cause of social and psychological problems that isolate humans from each other and damage traditional communication?
  • Have computers reduced society’s total workload and thereby made life more enjoyable, or have they instead created work and made life more stressful?
  • Is the popular media helping to ease society into a new high tech way of life, or is it helping to build a general "technophobia"?
  • Are software patents and copyrights truly necessary for protection from piracy and theft, or are they hindering progress and development in the software industry?
  • Do "dive computers" promote enhanced safety, or do they invite unjustified, and dangerous, over-reliance on the machine?